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Friday, November 13, 2009

Food is probably the only thing which all of us can relate to nostalgically.whom iam i kidding?almost everyone loves eating.But then a very few take it to the extremes and consider it a religion. And a fraction of them follow the Philosophy of "live to eat" rather than "eat to live".i feel no shame to say "yes, iam one of the rare few".Eating is the only thing i remember excelling in from my childhood days.A bean bag(read:huge tummy) is what i fancy from my hogging habits.Luckily my mom has a passion,that perfectly suits my needs.The greatest cook in the world and the greatest hogger in the world is the best combination aint it?.Tripping on the flavors of her cooking is an regular addiction to me.Over the years i have never seen her enjoy what she has cooked,but rather feel happy seeing me enjoy it.Being a vegetarian she cooks the best non vegetarian food without even tasting it.It was a time when i enjoyed her cooking and she enjoyed cooking for me.And when you just thought it was one more of the bollywood flick of happily ever after.There enters the villain.And the villain in this story is apparently the cook of the hostel i live in.The very definition of food is tampered by him.Give him something edible and the he by his grace will turn it into something un-edible.skipping breakfast,lunch and dinner by a guy who used to eat every hour is a little sad.Tripping on the flavors is merely turned out into a struggle(yes thats what eating for me has become) for survival.

Nevertheless there is still hope,a dream of some day escaping from this world and turning into a cook\travel show host.getting lost in the world enchanted in it pleasures.Sipping on quality wine and hogging on Meat delicacies from around the world.

But life is surely is ironical thinking about all the good stuff has sure made me hungry and the realization that a session of torture awaits me.So iam off until next time adios.

P.S:inspired by Tony Bourdain: No Reservations.


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