My wake up call

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Exam fever is on the Run so it time for me to get hold of the map and search for the library again.The time with lack of sleep and mental retardness ,time for the books to be cleaned and the time for the smell of smoke to rise.Never really understood the use of exams at least the part of the mugging :(. wish me luck for my mugging.


My Keyboard

Just yesterday my pea sized brain got a doubt why in the hell would some one stupid order rather than from a-z plain and simple?using wikipedia i found a lot i came to know these kinds of keyboards are called qwerty.The name being given from the characters from the top left sides.
And here is a explanation why it remained till date.stripped from Wikipedia.
The 1874 Sholes & Glidden typewriters established the "QWERTY" layout for the letter keys.
The QWERTY layout is not the most efficient layout possible, since it requires a touch-typist to move his or her fingers between rows to type the most common letters. A popular story suggests that it was designed and used for early typewriters exactly because it was so inefficient; it slowed a typist down so as to reduce the frequency of the typewriter's typebars wedging together and jamming the machine. Another story is that the QWERTY layout allowed early typewriter salesmen to impress their customers by being able to easily type out the example word "typewriter" without having learnt the full keyboard layout, because "typewriter" can be spelled purely on the top row of the keyboard. The most likely explanation is that the QWERTY arrangement was designed to reduce the likelihood of internal clashing by placing commonly used combination's of letters farther from each other inside the machine.This allowed the user to type faster without jamming. Unfortunately, no definitive explanation for the QWERTY keyboard has been found, and typewriter aficionados continue to debate the issue.


My V(at)ote

It was a clear day, the sun was at his peak and mercury was boiling.Realizing it was the last day to register for the election roll the common man set out to get his photo clicked.Reaching the registration office he realized that he was among many who had waited for the last date.The queue seemed never ending .Amidst all chaos he was happy that a lot of young girls had also shown up.Finally after a hour he was let in a room the common man remembers it as the torture room,a room for hardly 10 but with more than 50 people.after another hour of boiling he is given a card with his name and photo and asked to leave.Ironically the so called Id card was so primitive any one with a Pc and a printer would get it done.At the end of it he still doesnt know why he had been on the adventure on the first place,as he didnt want to vote.He feels all are corrupt and it would make no difference.Vote bhi Vaat, nahi to bhi Vaat


My Trip

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Had been to Bangalore and this is just a insight of my thoughts
Brigade raod:
So much to watch and so little time ;)
The next best thing to Nandini(don tell me u din have the awesome birayani from there)
The college i went for the fest:
Yella ok cheating yake?
and finally for ppl of the garden city:
chaos panic and disorder is this life after all?
as quoted by my senior
"attendance for the classes lost and food in Mcdonalds the trips a grand success"


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