My End?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life has been more exicting and at the same time a little less interesting .Just to give an exmaple iam having my lab exams tomorrow ,probaly the toughest one ill face in engineering. And the last thing i can think of is studying. Any ways getting to the purpose of this post. Initially when i started this blog no one was reading my post/thoughts, then i wanted people to read my blog. Now that i have so much to blog that i don want others to read i realize the importance of being anonymous. After much thinking i have decided i want to move to some other place and be happy in my own little world. Not that ill give up on my sweet heart. This blog will always remain dear to me, my first love. But ill rearly write here. To all the people who read my bullshit till now thank you. bye bye.


My Ride Home

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just had a ride on a friends bicycle. Although this post will be published much later,iam writing this as soon as i have gathered enough strength to type. It was exhausting and at the same time equally fun. As i cycled through the high way(i really dont know whether its an highway) i din really have a place in mind where i would want to go, so i took random turns. riding through the Nitte country side I felt like a kid again, just like those good old days. I was carefree but yet my hands where on the brakes ready to avoid any danger. I always used to ask myself questions like "what have i become?" "Is this what i wanted to be" "Did anything go wrong in my life?". Cycling through the highs and lows of the Nitte country side i found an answer. Yes i have changed a lot , my mentality and my poor stamina are not the way i thought it would be, but i was still the same by heart. I was still the same kid next door who dreamed of world domination one day, who still believed Mangalore was heaven on earth, was still guaranteed that his mom was the best cook in the world, and still loved to ride the bicycle.

In dedication to my cannon barrel and razor back 21 ;)


My Perfect World

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some times when i look at the star studded sky, i wonder whether far away from the milky way there is another earth and also a guy like me. A guy who doesnt lie and isnt mean and selfish.

For a better world. Peace


My buddy is moving

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Change is inevitable , nothings permanent other than change. Sometimes change is
pleasant and others make you sad. Some changes are so sudden that they surprise you.
A few changes just bring mixed reactions. Like getting to know of the news that a
friend who you took for obvious will no longer be there. A guy who's irritating sessions
will be missing is a thing to be happy about. But a part of you is hurt knowing
that the buddy who was opposite your room and was always there for you, whether
it was for advice or cash or a lame joke. Bottom line, change is about letting
go and moving on. But memories arent to be forgotten. Ill never forget the walks
back to hostel from forever(a bar :D) , we used to have more than often.
and a so many other moments we shared.

here are my apologies and thanks to you

For all the million times we fought and i acted cocky with you iam sorry

For all the bitching i did about you in first year iam sorry

Thanks a ton for all the cash you gave me which went unreturned ;)

Thanks for 2nd sem maths i still owe you for that

I wish you didnt have to move out from the hostel :(

Miss you Kiran my Bro.



Friday, November 27, 2009

From far away down the line
I could hear some one whine
As the noise grew heavy
I knew it was something to worry

I had snoozed my alarm twice already
I was late and i had to hurry
Brushed my teeth on my way
like usual began yet another day

Already waiting there was the master
Remarked next time No Register
Hence i entered a world like hell
only to wake up by the ringing bell

Soon came the Twilight,Accounting
for what was the highlight
Yet another day was spent like a pawn
Why to worry soon a new day will dawn

Yes i can and yes i will
are only words
i know this aint my best
but,who wants to work when you can rest

It was back in 5th standard that i realized science was my thing to do. May be because one the teachers called me the scientist of the class. It was a thing of pride for me back then, although i didnt know what it meant i liked people calling me that. Then came the Horde of the Opting for Science in PU college. Although i didnt have much of an idea i blindly followed coz most of my friends did. Then 2 years later yet another decision was thrust upon. I was made to believe pointers and include statements where the thing meant for me. I really thought that way for quite some time. Now after 2 and half years down the line looking back and thinking of what lies ahead i can only imagine a void. A nothingness surrounded by laziness and frustrations. The outside world scares me. Even the best have given up among the bulls and bears, iam just another normal guy. Some may say its too early to think about it. But at the slow pace iam heading i have lot of catching up to do with time.

P.S:My recent addiction is xkcd, which inspired me to do the comic/whatever u want to call it :)


My Redemption

Sunday, November 15, 2009

His breath propagated stink,there was filth inside him. Monster waiting to unleash.

Never was he like this. He lived like a prince once. Bestowed upon
himself , whom he called friends.

Then an angel appeared, with not pity in her eyes but care.

A healing touch freed him from his sins.

was he worth it?

This is my first attempt at 55 fiction and iam not exactly sure of the rules.Although it might not make sense, its special to me :) .


My Amino acids

Friday, November 13, 2009

Food is probably the only thing which all of us can relate to nostalgically.whom iam i kidding?almost everyone loves eating.But then a very few take it to the extremes and consider it a religion. And a fraction of them follow the Philosophy of "live to eat" rather than "eat to live".i feel no shame to say "yes, iam one of the rare few".Eating is the only thing i remember excelling in from my childhood days.A bean bag(read:huge tummy) is what i fancy from my hogging habits.Luckily my mom has a passion,that perfectly suits my needs.The greatest cook in the world and the greatest hogger in the world is the best combination aint it?.Tripping on the flavors of her cooking is an regular addiction to me.Over the years i have never seen her enjoy what she has cooked,but rather feel happy seeing me enjoy it.Being a vegetarian she cooks the best non vegetarian food without even tasting it.It was a time when i enjoyed her cooking and she enjoyed cooking for me.And when you just thought it was one more of the bollywood flick of happily ever after.There enters the villain.And the villain in this story is apparently the cook of the hostel i live in.The very definition of food is tampered by him.Give him something edible and the he by his grace will turn it into something un-edible.skipping breakfast,lunch and dinner by a guy who used to eat every hour is a little sad.Tripping on the flavors is merely turned out into a struggle(yes thats what eating for me has become) for survival.

Nevertheless there is still hope,a dream of some day escaping from this world and turning into a cook\travel show host.getting lost in the world enchanted in it pleasures.Sipping on quality wine and hogging on Meat delicacies from around the world.

But life is surely is ironical thinking about all the good stuff has sure made me hungry and the realization that a session of torture awaits me.So iam off until next time adios.

P.S:inspired by Tony Bourdain: No Reservations.


My self discovery(s)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lifes a journey, a journey of discovering who you really. A never ending search of the so called "truth of life". The journey takes us places makes us happy, sad and a million other emotions. At the end of it all lies the realization,all my life what i have tried being is some one else.All the things i liked was partly just because some one else liked it.The thing i forgot was all in the struggle to be Tom Dick and Harry, the person who was forgotten was "ME". To all my effort all i had become was ME not some one else.
As for the journey,its a struggle between you vs rest of the world.If any one who would win or lose,it is you no one else.i dont know whether evolution is true or not,but one thing Darwin was right."Survival of the fittest" Only a few are good enough and the rest fade away.
All the time spent on impressing every one is just a waste of a time.What really matters is accounting for your self.In a selfish world all it matters is about being selfish.

P.S(a list of them actually): This is too philosophical even for me,so please bear with me
ii)over the course of time a few people have been honest followers to my blog rest dont care.
i will no longer ask people to "Read my blog".just a line for u ppl "what has two thumbs and doesnt give a crap?"
iii)*phew* i need a template change without losing my blog role any suggestionsu?


Nitte bloggers meet Part I

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nitte bloggers meet is up in progress so here is how the preparations are going on

please note this is made just for the fun of it dont take it seriously amoeba one and two are non bloggers

(St)dud Me(Yo iam getting comments on my blog, iam "The DUDE"):"Lets have a blog meet"

honesty speaks(nice idea he really thinks well):"ok man, lets have an unofficial meeting to decide it first"

Yearly Apps(Iam "The Blogger"):Bloggers meet coming up in Nitte. Eventhough there aint many of them :-P

igot no time life(time time time):really?who all are there?

Frozen brain(finally brain melted):"dude iam going insane i gave lecture to my classmates.They wanna blog,two are for sure other one said will think."(lucky they din commit suicide)

have a coffee and cold(blogging is for suckers thts why i quit):*dumb faced*

class room next door(internals are near man):"whatever man after internals"

bloggers meet or not i dont care(i love facebook):"who sang chigi wigi"

ameoba1(blog=money?):"when will i start earning?"

ameoba2(these people are nuts bunk classes?):"dude whts the use man,ill lose attendance"

and this to all the people who think the bloggers meet wont be an event at the combination of my idea, Viggis determination and Narendras hypertension is an unbeatable combination

watch out for the next part and also the bloggers meet :)


My Nostalgia

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Life is real? or
just another mirage?

Is there child in every one or
are we all children
Is the Earth rotating fast or
did we just beat it?

The time when we where carefree
will it ever return?
The battle of survival
will it ever end?

Will growing up mean to lose
all the things you loved and cared?
will those days be back or
will it just be a memory?

A dedication to Shreyus, Ajay, Yousuf , Prashanth(not a Vagite but my dear friend) ,many more from Vagashram and those good old days

It funny actually how i still remember those days as if it where yesterday. A place called Vag Ashram(Vag=tiger in konkani),named after the lecturer there Vag Sir,a tution the heart of Carstreet, Mangalores prime location.It was a time when all we cared for was coffee at taj(TajMahal fav hangout spot for vagites) and a game of dota at TigerDen(td a cyber in carstreet),and all that we feared was the Tiger himself.For all we knew we had everything to gain and nothing to lose and the feeling that these days would never end.
Fast forward two and half years into the future all that is left is a few pics,a awesome video(thanks Ajay),a CET rank ,a college seat and loads of memory.

Lifes all about Moving on,finding new pastures and conquering new lands, Nitte definetly has been a joyus ride new friends, new hobbies and new challenges. With things in the fast lane all you ask for is a day , a day when we where the rulers of the world.Back then, every Sunday each one us of would be present at Vags without fail.But in the past 2 and half years not even once, a time has come when we all where together(i mean each and every one).All that i want now is a hour together in the middle room of Vags , a coffee(funny i never had coffee there in those days) and Mushroom masala in Taj and a 20Rs prepaid game in TD.

Taj has been shifted from carstreet due to lease issues and Td is closed for good due to some reason

Once upon a time we had it all we where unstoppable and finally we did get stopped


The Indian Dream

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 3; the third edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Run around
wait a while
all we need
is a little fun
never know
where will we go

try our most
to be the best
in a world
where emotions
are waste
we hang on

ipod is a must
so is the zest
to learn and
to conquer
what lies ahead
the tower of success

a mere illusion
called developing
what we need
is development
dont give us words
we need actions
from within

a high pay job
will lure us no more
a chance to change
the world we need
because we believe
we can,so we will

Run around
wait a while
all we need
is a little fun
this is our goal
the Indian dream

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.


Ignite 09 minus hotel california

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ignite is an annual fest of the information science department NMAMIT

The beginning It was around august we(me Vinay sir and Karthik) started planning for the fest.
Although i had nothing to do with the planning ,i was aware of what was going on and that practically makes me a part of it.Then came the website i did turn out great thanks to karthik although i did do much of work on it,i loved so many people praising me for it :)

The events Ignite this time around was scheduled for 3 days from 25-27 septempber with 13 events.I was like last time given the in-charge for mind benders the crazy event.I was expecting quiz this time,and it was disappointing as quiz was assigned to some one else(Rahul).But i was in for a surprise as Rahul did allow me to host the quiz.And then there was also the online quiz which was going to be held first time by any 1 in Nitte.

The preparations

Mindbenders needed no preparations as such,as i already had become an expert in this ;)
it took me just 2 hours to come up with the finals.And also thanks to Harikrishna for the premlim questions :)
ii)Although i was thinking a lot i did not come up with any questions for online quiz,but my contacts did come in handy.Varun(Food for thought) and Devadutta(Boiledbeans) help came in handy.But the real help was vigneshwar,a final year student from college he sacrificed his own chance at competing and submitted many questions for it
iii) Quiz was a daunting task as i had never hosted a quiz before,and i was struggling to get quality question.Thanks to Rahul all the preparations were done fine

The event
i)Online quiz was first from 18-21st September and it was a grand success. With more than 150 participants did make me proud
ii)Mind benders and quiz was scheduled at the same time,So Karthik was supposed to be taking care of Mindbenders.After i came back from quiz i saw most of the people stuck at question one.
The participants calling me crazy made me really happy
iii)I was facing a crowd for the first time and i yes i was scared a lot.But it turned out when the quiz started the hall had less than 15 people so i was not even a bit nervous.although the stage began to fill soon i had caught a rhythm.The greatest complement cam when Rajat(one of the best quizzers in Nitte) came up to me and told me it was one of the best quizzes in Nitte :)

I would like to thank Vinay sir for the wonderfull Fest and also all the people who made it a grand success

Why doesnt anybody wants to take a pic with me?No photos clicked of me for Ignite :(


My crap?

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
-The Alchemist (novel)
When I want something, all the universe conspires in ridiculing me and reminding me iam an idiot.
-The story of my life

This was the thought in my mind when i was asleep last night :|
So much is the humiliation i feel.And for what?making people listen to 5 minutes of my crap voice?
This is to all the people who dont know the story yet
I sang "Hotel california" at the cultural evening in college.
Keeping apart it meant the world for me,my dream come true,
I made those idiots listen to me so how they get back?they make fun of me.
I cant walk past any crowded place without being called hotel california or some one singing in a creaky voice to honor me
NO i have i no regrets
Just letting those people know, every insult is making me go closer to being stronger than before and determined to not give a rats ass to all of u

really sorry if this blog is turning out into a dump yard for my sorrows


My selfishness

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today one of my so called friends in the hostel passed a rather ugly remark.Out of no where he just told me I am selfish :|.Kept me wondering what had i done.He even backed his point by saying every one in the hostel also thinks so.So here goes an another entry to the list of my nuisances,ranking first among being idiotic,stupid talkative(a lot).

So why I am i blogging about this?
may be coz I am pissed or may be i want want some one to say that I R not remotely close to selfish or just may be coz iam jobless.


My pleasures

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#a Laptop 40,000rs
#external hard disk for your stuff 3000rs
#Headphones 200rs
#Current Bill 300rs

Enjoying Wonder years at 03:00 am,when every one is asleep


There are somethings money cant buy for them use torrents :)


The purpose of life

Saturday, September 5, 2009

One day, somebody paid a visit to the hardware shop in the corner of a town and bought the biggest ribbon of parrot green satin. What that somebody planned to do, was to spend entire days wrapping the ribbon over all kinds of stuff around him until he came upon that one thing which looked better with the ribbon wrapped around it than without. Which, in fact, looked better with the ribbon wrapped around it than with any other thing done to it. As if the sole purpose of that thing to exist was so that somebody can wrap a parrot green satin ribbon around it.

Surely, there must be something that’s been made for this sort of thing to happen to it. Getting a parrot green satin ribbon wrapped around itself, I mean. Just like there’re things that exist only to be sold to a bargain shop, or to be kept in a corner of the windowsill at your neighbour’s place, or to be locked in an iron box and thrown into the ocean.

And so, this particular somebody directed all his energy over the next few weeks into finding that blessed thing, which was waiting only to get wrapped around in a green satin ribbon.

During the course of his quest, he stumbled upon a lot of things that would’ve been totally perfect wrapped in a parrot green satin ribbon, only shorter than the one he had with him. Or longer. But then, the whole point was to find a thing made to be wrapped in the ribbon that he possessed, not a shorter or longer one. In any case, he figured that if there’re things that are made to be wrapped in a shorter or a longer parrot green satin ribbon, there also has to be something that must be wrapped with this particular one. Fair enough.

Finally after trying for what lasted a eternity he came across many things that fit perfectly for the ribbon,but didnt appeal his looks and in some cases the other way round.Finally he gave up and decided to wrap the ribbon around a vase.The cloth was longer than needed so he decided to cut a piece from it hence making it a perfect fit.

The story of the ribbon and its destiny is more or less similar to the story of life of every individual out there.The ribbon is our career,love,long term plan etc.And it usually turns out that what we want in life is never what we get and what we get is not we have is never what we want.And finally we decide to live happily with what we got.The cut cloth signifies the sacrifices we make in life to achieve what we need to get.

The actual post is by my good old friend from school Sadhwi, i just modified it a bit.The bold part is mine. thanks Sadwi for accepting my request,although my poor skils was a insult to your post.Here is the original Post.


My Meaning

Saturday, August 22, 2009

probably given a chance to loop through a particular song for the next of eternity what i would chose is 'Hotel California' by the Eagles.I have listened to this song so many times and iam still in need for more.One thing most peculiar about the song would be its meaning,the song interpretations can be done in more than one ways.
So here goes one such interpretations,its mostly my own version you are free to agree or disagree but this the way ill take the song forever.
The song is an story of a man and his journey with addiction.

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
At first the mans life is like a desert with problems but
a happy life.suddenly he realizes a world apart a world colitas is a desert flower which is used as a toxicant

Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light

"shimmering light"the world of addiction is fun?

My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night
The first signs of 'Kick'.
lemme try it once.

There she stood in the doorway;
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself,
this could be heaven or this could be hell
Here addiction is compared to beautiful girl

Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way
Is it the candle that was lit?or some thing else?

There were voices down the corridor,
I thought I heard them say...

Welcome to the hotel california
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the hotel california
Any time of year, you can find it here
The other people already addicted speak to our friend..............

Her mind is tiffany-twisted, she got the mercedes bends
She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, that she calls friends
Here addiction is compared to Bitch

How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget
Some intoxicate to remember good memories,and some to forget old bad memories

So I called up the captain,
please bring me my wine
He said, we havent had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine
Realizing he has to quit addiction he turns to god.captain,wine and spirit all references to god.But soon realizes God cant help him

And still those voices are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say...

Welcome to the hotel california
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
They livin it up at the hotel california
What a nice surprise, bring your alibis
Now he is one of the gang of the addicted now talks are on about addiction.
alibis means reason,every body has a reason to stick to what they addicted to.

Mirrors on the ceiling,
The pink champagne on ice
He tries to live a normal life being addicted.

And she said we are all just prisoners here, of our own device
prisoners of syringes,lighters and buds

And in the masters chambers,
They gathered for the feast
addiction is here compared to a beast

The stab it with their steely knives,
But they just cant kill the beast
you might lose your health but not addiction

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
He wants to go back to being normal be on that desert

relax, said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!
You might die but u will never leave addiction

All comments are welcome


My Diet :|

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Same time last year i had was pardoned of my bodily edibles thanks to say no to non veg month in my household.It was more of a i wont cook non veg call by my mother god than say no to non veg.So this time around i decided to travel to red pastures my relatives who don believe in the no non veg month.So with hopes high and stomach half empty i set off.First to come was Bangalore eldest of ma uncles,i was hungry for dead birds but as was about to find out they were all ready to cash in for the love they had stored for me from over a year.After Bangalore came Mumbai and along with that followed visits to Mcdonalds,KFC and other local Biriyani places.Not to mention visits to various relatives and ya they are waiting for me for more than 5 years and in of over 10 days there hasnt been a single day where i have gone without my belly being totally packed up.And for the icing on the top it was today,my uncle(the one in bombay)decided to take me to Barbecue nation an all to eat no limit restaurant and rest is all imagination.I was not just full this time but also had some kinda feeling where my head was reeling.Then i did exactly the right thing had 2 scoops of ice cream,now not only was i unable to walk but was nauseous and my fears of 500 Rs being flushed into the toilet of some restroom was becoming true.luckily i did not do any thing like that landed up safely and finally lived to eat another day.And ya my waistline has increased by 5 inches :(


My typos

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Its almost past 12 clock and i really have no idea wht iam blogging about.MJ is dead shall i blog about that?no why will care for him?.May be ill blog about by procractinations or my lazyness they.But then i decided i would just simply write up in this post and not use the typograph error corrector and see how many errors i would get.i usually get a hell lot of them so try figuring them out.Iam not browsing a lot these as iam addicted to online gaming.Finally today made up my mind to not play and do the usual blogging and stuff.If some one has the solution to this addiction pls help.


My story

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Out of the many tales connecting man and his journey of greatness,one
story lies hidden seeming as non existent.The truth lies in its simple

Man had evolved from the apes and what excited the apes did not
bring any interest in him.Sleeping and eating was not his prime motive,it was
unclear what was missing.Finally in the quest for the missing element, he went in search of god
himself and began asking him the question of his very existence.

Man:"O might lord,you have turned us into our new form of man from the
apes.But we are no longer satisfied with food and sleep,please solve our
problems great one"

God:"I understand your problem what you have is a classic example of
clinical boredom.The solution to it lies in a divine ritual,TIME
PASS(addressed as tp hence forth)"

Saying so GOD gave him a list with a title 150 ways for tp.Most of them
were not familiar words like no.106 was internet,no.78 was television and no.100 was video games.But he caught on with the ones he understood or atleast partially
understood,the initial ones were dance,booze,flirting(partially
understood till date).Later came painting singing so on and so forth.

TP not only made man happy but also more cunning and intelligent he soon
began to be superior to the rest and thus began his dominance.As years
passed by he started to question nature itself and its way of function.Thus in the process of tp man found answers to some of the greatest mystery of nature and life.Gravitation(PS:lazy newton,falling apple),laws of motion,automobile,relativity are amoung many big and
small inventions and discoveries.He also had created masterpieces like the Monalisa(both Leonardo and Monalisa might have had a thought like this "huh.....iam bored what do i for tp?), the great symphonies of Beethoven etc.The dawn of the 20th century man made tremendous development in understanding the list god had presented to him centuries ago,television was a leap but flight came in the form of internet.It changed everything although in some way reversing the intelligent chart in few.But its effect made man almost close to god,if not god(now he could sms and email god assuming did exist and also he would read them).Thus goes
the story never told before,a story so awesome that it could well be called the holy story of man.


My dreams

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It was a bright morning and i had almost no sleep,got up earlier than usual and in no time was groomed up.It was no ordinary day it was the day i was going to my IEL exams.IEL is in short for individual effectiveness labs,in this subject we where taught about gd,presentations and emails writing and we even had marks.This time around i had topped in the internals for my whole batch :) and here was a chance for me to top overall .I know it sounds nerdish but i was a average kid back from primary school ,the worst part of that is ur all ways in the middle if counted from both back and front of the table.Here was a chance where i could actually come first top in the whole batch.As i went through the exams i had only 1 thing humming in my mind parts of valkerie OST here are the wordings

Just hold on I got you.
I'm here too, I feel you
We'll get through
I know this I've seen it
A hundred times a thousand times
Just one more time
With you and I, I'll pull you close
And then we'll say goodbye

i did indeed top the table and i had achived my glory :D,thanks to the song the hard work did pay off
congrats to ajay also for the ten pointer


My exmas

Friday, May 15, 2009

Starting from monday ill have to be pretending something that iam not.A student who reads his books as much as i hate college more than that i hate my exams.Do exam kill education?dont know about that but it definitely takes a hell lot out me.This is the time of year when i miss those hassle free college days and the fun after classes. Any ways enough of frowning cia after a break.


My baked soul

Saturday, May 9, 2009

some days are hot some are hotter but yesterday definitely was the hottest.It was evident when the water cooler was crowed with more than 25 people and it was not even break time,me being a regular noticed the difference.As the day went on it became worse and the sun god showed no mercy.In between i managed to swing into a fest in college to only lose in the finals.After the sun set the uneasiness was increasing and i had no sleep till 1 am.And finally nature had forgiven our sins and it rained.Some thing surprising but definitely welcomed.Suddenly the next day i.e today had a very cool weather.For others it was just a relief but for me it meant something more meaningful.It was sign that life all about the balance act and even nature has it work and does it task well in keeping up the balance.
P.S:some thing unrelated,IPL betting sucks.


My Hangover

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When i woke up from my sleep it was almost time for my college, another 15 minutes and it would be the start of yet another day of nagging(I stay in hostel so i can get to college in less than 10 minutes).Actually i dont know what time i slept ,the last i remember seeing my watch was at 15 minutes past four.What i was doing so late?well just a small movie led to another and one more .But now i had to hurry,else it would mean one more class with no attendance.Reaching the class 15 minutes late did invite me a long lecture from the teacher.But as far as i was given attendance i din really care.Sleeping for less than four hours had taken a toll on me and i dozed through out the day.I was almost thrown out of class by one of the lecturers :P.Then in the evening the 3 hour nap did help we get back to the movie watching(actually i watch TV shows on my lap,loads of them).
this is just a every day thing for me .Hell ya i love my me crazy,lunatic or whatever you want iam just one happy feat................


My Notes of Stupidy

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"when is Christmas this time?"
"last time we missed our holiday as good friday was on sunday"
By a friend of mine whos name i don wanna disclose

1st:"shall we go to Krishana "Bhel" house?"
2nd:"Do we get "Bhel" Puri there?"DUH!!!!!

3rd:"I need a camera cover"
2nd:"for wht? your camera?"
1st one is me
2nd is Yusuf
3rd is Ajay

"there is a pool table at my friends place he plays pool in it "
all mighty me :D

"Bombay is twice as India"
i know a old 1 but i cant stop laughing


My Belifes

Hail the Pirates,May they rule the world some day.No i have not just finished watching the pirates of Carabbian movie.Iam in support for the so called intellectual pirates the people who run online piracy.All that i have to say for piracy is piracy rules \m/.My beliefs are that a rule made by 10 cant be forced upon a 1000 and if you think my beliefes are illegal than

SCREW U!!!!!!!
For the people who believe in me :D please support the pirate world.


My wake up call

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Exam fever is on the Run so it time for me to get hold of the map and search for the library again.The time with lack of sleep and mental retardness ,time for the books to be cleaned and the time for the smell of smoke to rise.Never really understood the use of exams at least the part of the mugging :(. wish me luck for my mugging.


My Keyboard

Just yesterday my pea sized brain got a doubt why in the hell would some one stupid order rather than from a-z plain and simple?using wikipedia i found a lot i came to know these kinds of keyboards are called qwerty.The name being given from the characters from the top left sides.
And here is a explanation why it remained till date.stripped from Wikipedia.
The 1874 Sholes & Glidden typewriters established the "QWERTY" layout for the letter keys.
The QWERTY layout is not the most efficient layout possible, since it requires a touch-typist to move his or her fingers between rows to type the most common letters. A popular story suggests that it was designed and used for early typewriters exactly because it was so inefficient; it slowed a typist down so as to reduce the frequency of the typewriter's typebars wedging together and jamming the machine. Another story is that the QWERTY layout allowed early typewriter salesmen to impress their customers by being able to easily type out the example word "typewriter" without having learnt the full keyboard layout, because "typewriter" can be spelled purely on the top row of the keyboard. The most likely explanation is that the QWERTY arrangement was designed to reduce the likelihood of internal clashing by placing commonly used combination's of letters farther from each other inside the machine.This allowed the user to type faster without jamming. Unfortunately, no definitive explanation for the QWERTY keyboard has been found, and typewriter aficionados continue to debate the issue.


My V(at)ote

It was a clear day, the sun was at his peak and mercury was boiling.Realizing it was the last day to register for the election roll the common man set out to get his photo clicked.Reaching the registration office he realized that he was among many who had waited for the last date.The queue seemed never ending .Amidst all chaos he was happy that a lot of young girls had also shown up.Finally after a hour he was let in a room the common man remembers it as the torture room,a room for hardly 10 but with more than 50 people.after another hour of boiling he is given a card with his name and photo and asked to leave.Ironically the so called Id card was so primitive any one with a Pc and a printer would get it done.At the end of it he still doesnt know why he had been on the adventure on the first place,as he didnt want to vote.He feels all are corrupt and it would make no difference.Vote bhi Vaat, nahi to bhi Vaat


My Trip

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Had been to Bangalore and this is just a insight of my thoughts
Brigade raod:
So much to watch and so little time ;)
The next best thing to Nandini(don tell me u din have the awesome birayani from there)
The college i went for the fest:
Yella ok cheating yake?
and finally for ppl of the garden city:
chaos panic and disorder is this life after all?
as quoted by my senior
"attendance for the classes lost and food in Mcdonalds the trips a grand success"


My woes

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Knowing that an area of wonderful time has come to an end really pains a lot.what iam missing presently in life would be the something more stupid and childish for others. But it did mean a lot to me and my group of friends. Tiger Den unspeakably had been a very important thing in our lives. To give a intro to outside world what it is ,in simple words it is a cyber .but for us it meant more than that and played a more vital role in our lives.Over the years it had been our hangout place and knowing it has shutdown and the Pcs sold sure does bring pain.And what lacks now is the peacefull time in those nothing else to do weekends.Filling the vaccum are a few places where we go which are out of desperation to move out of the house.The other day seeing a bunch of other friends hang out at a food joint i realized we also had turned into them,turned ordinary from having a secret hideout to having no hideout at all.Praying to God that td will return and will return big.


My sweetheart

without you
O my dear
what would i do
without you...

without you
how would my burning fox
give any light?

without you
how would it be a pain to
find the capital of tambaktoo

without you
how would i untwist
the twisting quizzes?

without you
how would i sail
my pirate ship?

without you
how would i find
mammoth details of anything small?

without you
how would i do
o my google
without you...???

P.s:Burning fox=firefox
I guess officially even iam a poet even though a really bad one that aint gonna matter you see :P


My Measles

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

They say it so sacred that it happens only once in a life time and its so amazing that it will never return.And what a feeling it was definitely not the normal one.A fine sunday afternoon after my bath i just realize i have got rashes all over me in a unusual manner, a look by the family Pandit,my Mom revealed i have got Measles.Was kinda freaked out in the start but little did i know more was yet to come.As i had thought earlier sitting my house browsing all day was the best thing i could possibly do.But my measles proved me other ways.By the end of day 1 i was already half dead with my usual having fun method and finally called it quits.For the rest of the iness days i had to just doze away.Does any one knows how bad it is to have every bone in your body aching and every patch of skin scratching(now don think dirty pls).Even worse all you get to eat is toast and stupid poridge with a curry even the most hungriest man in the world would refuse.By this time you would think i really hate those virus which cozed these measles right?.
Actually i owe a lot to those viruses who got me that stupid disease, never mind the pain scracth or the starvation i sure lerant a lot.That life is never fun trying to do the same thing every once in a while a little bit of diffrence makes you feel happy.But that diffrent thing cant be done every day than it would remain another boring thing.I learnt the imporatance of expressing to family your fears,joy and sorrows.I learnt i might act indiffrent but iam just another normal guy,wanting care love and more than every thing else a big break.It sure was one hell of a ride.


ME and me

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Recently i have gone from being a gaming addict to a Tv show addict and then again a gaming addict and finally back to tv shows my recent addiction is kind of stupid,bizarre and insane.I have developed a habit of reading personal blogs ya sounds lame right?.i don why but thts all tht i can think of reading blogs.For my ill fate the only time i get for it is during the weekends where i take unliumited touture from my mother for gluing to the incandasecnt.And ya also to mention are quiz blogs "food for thought"n others..will blog about it quite soon.The worst days are the weekdays when i have to rot in class and do shitty assignments which i blindly copy never mind about that.In a typical class just in my half dozing state i imagine my fav bloggers to post a new post today so i can sip on it for the rest of the day or just wonder wht could be the answer of the days question of "food for thought".Yes education has taken a toll on me made me a virtual socialism addict but i just dont care. iam too self obsssesd about my own pleasure to think other wise and ppl who do support me and are crazy addicts like me give your encouragments makes me feel better.



Being a junior in college i was quite lucky to get to do the college fest website :D.
Initially i was lost and would have done a website as lame as my looks but thank go karthik and kenneth two of seniors where there to take over me.Finally after the whole thing is done i really feel quite happy not coz of how the website looks but,because i finally got to experience true friendship in two years of Nitte thanks a lot kenny and karthik :)


Nitk Surathkal-Incident or accident?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The incident fest was up from 25th feb to 1st march me being from not so fun supporting college so sketched a visit to incident.The tickets costed me 200 bucks and on the first day it was dj nikhil chinnapa performing the hopes where high and it was my first dj party or concert i visited .For thr pevert i aim i had wished to have a day where I could see a lot girls :P.Me and my friend had a bus ride to the place I exactly don know hw much distance any ways i suck at numbers.This would go well if they had fucking satrted on time which was supposed to be 7:30 turns out it din start before 9:30 as Mangalore was quite a distance from nitk we had to catch a bus before 10 damn!!!!! but luckily i had made friends with a friends friend of mine who had a car (ya selfish me:P).Finally when the show starts..................... they lure us to plain boredom with some fucking local DJ and it turns out He was better than the main attraction and then finally we decided enough was enough and made our move.We left at around 11:30 two hours of "house" had enough of me.Soon i noticed that the car tires where at thier ripe age of blowing apart.So my sensible friends friend was driving at a very low pace.This was probably the one reason iam able to right this post today else probably i would have been half dead.At almost half way through there is a blasting noise and guess wht it is?.The car come to an abrupt stop and we are on the Highway exactly between the 2 points.Although we complained a bit on fate we where lucky to be alive.It also felt great to walk on that highway, I probably went through tht road a millon times but never had walked over it :D.Finally my friends bro comes to the place pics us up and gives us a drop.Reach home very late but luckily don get blasted and then go to sleep all is good
cheers to all


history repeated

Monday, February 23, 2009

This weekly routine has become so common i can remember almost every word of our conversation
One fine sunday afternoon actually every sunday afternoon
text message from (ajay):Hey dude wht you upto?shall we go out some where?

Me and ajay are friends from pre college days and are now are in the same college but diffrent class.we rarely meet in college so the weekend is our only chance to catch up
txt ajay:The mall?
txt me:Mall sucks man hw about the beach?
txt ajay: no man hw bout td

now Td is wht we call our cyber tiger den we are dye hard gamers but not pretty good at it(atlest me).We are addicted to a game called Dota and almost screwed up our chances to make it college due to addiction to the game.

txt me:sure man......4 is ok?

then at 4.00 we meet at TD
Me:have to leave early lets play only one game
ajay:even me...
Usually a game last for an hour

At 4:15
voices from both of us:Net here sucks man playing online is an pain here, me not coming here any more

At 9:30
Ajay:me already late gotta go bye
Me:as iam not? bye cia next time

on our way out

Ajay:dude i hate college me cant go there so boring and un interesting it is
Me:ya man even me i get suffocated there

finally we go back to attending college and wait for the next weekend trying to do something different but still fail.

Sometimes it makes me wonder why do we go back there again and why still continue to bear that lag we get in our game the answer probably lies in our memories,It was a time when after school only thing we thought of after school was to go to Td and only thing we wanted in our life was dota and a weekly visit gets back us the nostalgia's associated with the place gives us happiness like never before.It is some times so funny how much importance small things in life that make greater things seem like nothing


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This incident happened a long time back but was not a blogger back then but now i blog hurray!!!
I had been to a some gathering which one i dont actually remember now but was something religious that is for sure.I was actually not willing to go but as typical parent my dad dragged me on.As as time killing thing i wavs gazing around in the crowd looking at all of them and making stories about their lives :P.between the crowd was this guy who a typical society would call a retard yea a mentally unwell guy and his actions made me wonder are we actually civilized?.Although he did not posses normal senses he had this one quality i.e he smiled at all the strangers gathered over there as if he knew all of them from years.Now that struck me like lightning here we are trying to kill each other and this guy was trying was unknowingly trying to make the world smile.The went about pretty much normal after that and i went home and that was all of it to say.
Let peace prevail.................. Ahem



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hey everyone(i know no 1 reads this but any ways for formality sake).
And well what a good day to revive or say atleast plan to revive my blog yea yea by the date you might have guessed it valentines day. was pretty much jobless so finally had to do this one day or the other had pushed aside a lot of time.Enough of my laziness let talk about valentines :D yes the day when lovers celebrate their love for each and promise to live their lives together,but wht the hell? promises are meant to be broken and they where eventually end up with some stupid fight.Probably by now you guys would have had an impression that the motivation for my blog revival would be a break up but to say the never had a relationship in the first place.For a guy who sometimes forgets to have a bath everyday this is not suggested this is my point of view you might also say that iam fat,rude and every freakin person loves to hate me i never actually mind all that.Before signing off the post let me tell you wht actually made me revive this blog, another blog :D it just reflected my life and made me do this thank you silk smitha and disco shanti :P(hope you read this).till next time bye


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