Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This incident happened a long time back but was not a blogger back then but now i blog hurray!!!
I had been to a some gathering which one i dont actually remember now but was something religious that is for sure.I was actually not willing to go but as typical parent my dad dragged me on.As as time killing thing i wavs gazing around in the crowd looking at all of them and making stories about their lives :P.between the crowd was this guy who a typical society would call a retard yea a mentally unwell guy and his actions made me wonder are we actually civilized?.Although he did not posses normal senses he had this one quality i.e he smiled at all the strangers gathered over there as if he knew all of them from years.Now that struck me like lightning here we are trying to kill each other and this guy was trying was unknowingly trying to make the world smile.The went about pretty much normal after that and i went home and that was all of it to say.
Let peace prevail.................. Ahem

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