Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hey everyone(i know no 1 reads this but any ways for formality sake).
And well what a good day to revive or say atleast plan to revive my blog yea yea by the date you might have guessed it valentines day. was pretty much jobless so finally had to do this one day or the other had pushed aside a lot of time.Enough of my laziness let talk about valentines :D yes the day when lovers celebrate their love for each and promise to live their lives together,but wht the hell? promises are meant to be broken and they where eventually end up with some stupid fight.Probably by now you guys would have had an impression that the motivation for my blog revival would be a break up but to say the never had a relationship in the first place.For a guy who sometimes forgets to have a bath everyday this is not suggested this is my point of view you might also say that iam fat,rude and every freakin person loves to hate me i never actually mind all that.Before signing off the post let me tell you wht actually made me revive this blog, another blog :D it just reflected my life and made me do this thank you silk smitha and disco shanti :P(hope you read this).till next time bye

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