My selfishness

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today one of my so called friends in the hostel passed a rather ugly remark.Out of no where he just told me I am selfish :|.Kept me wondering what had i done.He even backed his point by saying every one in the hostel also thinks so.So here goes an another entry to the list of my nuisances,ranking first among being idiotic,stupid talkative(a lot).

So why I am i blogging about this?
may be coz I am pissed or may be i want want some one to say that I R not remotely close to selfish or just may be coz iam jobless.


My pleasures

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#a Laptop 40,000rs
#external hard disk for your stuff 3000rs
#Headphones 200rs
#Current Bill 300rs

Enjoying Wonder years at 03:00 am,when every one is asleep


There are somethings money cant buy for them use torrents :)


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