My self discovery(s)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lifes a journey, a journey of discovering who you really. A never ending search of the so called "truth of life". The journey takes us places makes us happy, sad and a million other emotions. At the end of it all lies the realization,all my life what i have tried being is some one else.All the things i liked was partly just because some one else liked it.The thing i forgot was all in the struggle to be Tom Dick and Harry, the person who was forgotten was "ME". To all my effort all i had become was ME not some one else.
As for the journey,its a struggle between you vs rest of the world.If any one who would win or lose,it is you no one else.i dont know whether evolution is true or not,but one thing Darwin was right."Survival of the fittest" Only a few are good enough and the rest fade away.
All the time spent on impressing every one is just a waste of a time.What really matters is accounting for your self.In a selfish world all it matters is about being selfish.

P.S(a list of them actually): This is too philosophical even for me,so please bear with me
ii)over the course of time a few people have been honest followers to my blog rest dont care.
i will no longer ask people to "Read my blog".just a line for u ppl "what has two thumbs and doesnt give a crap?"
iii)*phew* i need a template change without losing my blog role any suggestionsu?


Nitte bloggers meet Part I

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nitte bloggers meet is up in progress so here is how the preparations are going on

please note this is made just for the fun of it dont take it seriously amoeba one and two are non bloggers

(St)dud Me(Yo iam getting comments on my blog, iam "The DUDE"):"Lets have a blog meet"

honesty speaks(nice idea he really thinks well):"ok man, lets have an unofficial meeting to decide it first"

Yearly Apps(Iam "The Blogger"):Bloggers meet coming up in Nitte. Eventhough there aint many of them :-P

igot no time life(time time time):really?who all are there?

Frozen brain(finally brain melted):"dude iam going insane i gave lecture to my classmates.They wanna blog,two are for sure other one said will think."(lucky they din commit suicide)

have a coffee and cold(blogging is for suckers thts why i quit):*dumb faced*

class room next door(internals are near man):"whatever man after internals"

bloggers meet or not i dont care(i love facebook):"who sang chigi wigi"

ameoba1(blog=money?):"when will i start earning?"

ameoba2(these people are nuts bunk classes?):"dude whts the use man,ill lose attendance"

and this to all the people who think the bloggers meet wont be an event at the combination of my idea, Viggis determination and Narendras hypertension is an unbeatable combination

watch out for the next part and also the bloggers meet :)


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