My Hangover

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When i woke up from my sleep it was almost time for my college, another 15 minutes and it would be the start of yet another day of nagging(I stay in hostel so i can get to college in less than 10 minutes).Actually i dont know what time i slept ,the last i remember seeing my watch was at 15 minutes past four.What i was doing so late?well just a small movie led to another and one more .But now i had to hurry,else it would mean one more class with no attendance.Reaching the class 15 minutes late did invite me a long lecture from the teacher.But as far as i was given attendance i din really care.Sleeping for less than four hours had taken a toll on me and i dozed through out the day.I was almost thrown out of class by one of the lecturers :P.Then in the evening the 3 hour nap did help we get back to the movie watching(actually i watch TV shows on my lap,loads of them).
this is just a every day thing for me .Hell ya i love my me crazy,lunatic or whatever you want iam just one happy feat................


My Notes of Stupidy

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"when is Christmas this time?"
"last time we missed our holiday as good friday was on sunday"
By a friend of mine whos name i don wanna disclose

1st:"shall we go to Krishana "Bhel" house?"
2nd:"Do we get "Bhel" Puri there?"DUH!!!!!

3rd:"I need a camera cover"
2nd:"for wht? your camera?"
1st one is me
2nd is Yusuf
3rd is Ajay

"there is a pool table at my friends place he plays pool in it "
all mighty me :D

"Bombay is twice as India"
i know a old 1 but i cant stop laughing


My Belifes

Hail the Pirates,May they rule the world some day.No i have not just finished watching the pirates of Carabbian movie.Iam in support for the so called intellectual pirates the people who run online piracy.All that i have to say for piracy is piracy rules \m/.My beliefs are that a rule made by 10 cant be forced upon a 1000 and if you think my beliefes are illegal than

SCREW U!!!!!!!
For the people who believe in me :D please support the pirate world.


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