The Indian Dream

Saturday, October 3, 2009

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Run around
wait a while
all we need
is a little fun
never know
where will we go

try our most
to be the best
in a world
where emotions
are waste
we hang on

ipod is a must
so is the zest
to learn and
to conquer
what lies ahead
the tower of success

a mere illusion
called developing
what we need
is development
dont give us words
we need actions
from within

a high pay job
will lure us no more
a chance to change
the world we need
because we believe
we can,so we will

Run around
wait a while
all we need
is a little fun
this is our goal
the Indian dream

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Ignite 09 minus hotel california

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ignite is an annual fest of the information science department NMAMIT

The beginning It was around august we(me Vinay sir and Karthik) started planning for the fest.
Although i had nothing to do with the planning ,i was aware of what was going on and that practically makes me a part of it.Then came the website i did turn out great thanks to karthik although i did do much of work on it,i loved so many people praising me for it :)

The events Ignite this time around was scheduled for 3 days from 25-27 septempber with 13 events.I was like last time given the in-charge for mind benders the crazy event.I was expecting quiz this time,and it was disappointing as quiz was assigned to some one else(Rahul).But i was in for a surprise as Rahul did allow me to host the quiz.And then there was also the online quiz which was going to be held first time by any 1 in Nitte.

The preparations

Mindbenders needed no preparations as such,as i already had become an expert in this ;)
it took me just 2 hours to come up with the finals.And also thanks to Harikrishna for the premlim questions :)
ii)Although i was thinking a lot i did not come up with any questions for online quiz,but my contacts did come in handy.Varun(Food for thought) and Devadutta(Boiledbeans) help came in handy.But the real help was vigneshwar,a final year student from college he sacrificed his own chance at competing and submitted many questions for it
iii) Quiz was a daunting task as i had never hosted a quiz before,and i was struggling to get quality question.Thanks to Rahul all the preparations were done fine

The event
i)Online quiz was first from 18-21st September and it was a grand success. With more than 150 participants did make me proud
ii)Mind benders and quiz was scheduled at the same time,So Karthik was supposed to be taking care of Mindbenders.After i came back from quiz i saw most of the people stuck at question one.
The participants calling me crazy made me really happy
iii)I was facing a crowd for the first time and i yes i was scared a lot.But it turned out when the quiz started the hall had less than 15 people so i was not even a bit nervous.although the stage began to fill soon i had caught a rhythm.The greatest complement cam when Rajat(one of the best quizzers in Nitte) came up to me and told me it was one of the best quizzes in Nitte :)

I would like to thank Vinay sir for the wonderfull Fest and also all the people who made it a grand success

Why doesnt anybody wants to take a pic with me?No photos clicked of me for Ignite :(


My crap?

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
-The Alchemist (novel)
When I want something, all the universe conspires in ridiculing me and reminding me iam an idiot.
-The story of my life

This was the thought in my mind when i was asleep last night :|
So much is the humiliation i feel.And for what?making people listen to 5 minutes of my crap voice?
This is to all the people who dont know the story yet
I sang "Hotel california" at the cultural evening in college.
Keeping apart it meant the world for me,my dream come true,
I made those idiots listen to me so how they get back?they make fun of me.
I cant walk past any crowded place without being called hotel california or some one singing in a creaky voice to honor me
NO i have i no regrets
Just letting those people know, every insult is making me go closer to being stronger than before and determined to not give a rats ass to all of u

really sorry if this blog is turning out into a dump yard for my sorrows


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