My End?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life has been more exicting and at the same time a little less interesting .Just to give an exmaple iam having my lab exams tomorrow ,probaly the toughest one ill face in engineering. And the last thing i can think of is studying. Any ways getting to the purpose of this post. Initially when i started this blog no one was reading my post/thoughts, then i wanted people to read my blog. Now that i have so much to blog that i don want others to read i realize the importance of being anonymous. After much thinking i have decided i want to move to some other place and be happy in my own little world. Not that ill give up on my sweet heart. This blog will always remain dear to me, my first love. But ill rearly write here. To all the people who read my bullshit till now thank you. bye bye.


My Ride Home

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just had a ride on a friends bicycle. Although this post will be published much later,iam writing this as soon as i have gathered enough strength to type. It was exhausting and at the same time equally fun. As i cycled through the high way(i really dont know whether its an highway) i din really have a place in mind where i would want to go, so i took random turns. riding through the Nitte country side I felt like a kid again, just like those good old days. I was carefree but yet my hands where on the brakes ready to avoid any danger. I always used to ask myself questions like "what have i become?" "Is this what i wanted to be" "Did anything go wrong in my life?". Cycling through the highs and lows of the Nitte country side i found an answer. Yes i have changed a lot , my mentality and my poor stamina are not the way i thought it would be, but i was still the same by heart. I was still the same kid next door who dreamed of world domination one day, who still believed Mangalore was heaven on earth, was still guaranteed that his mom was the best cook in the world, and still loved to ride the bicycle.

In dedication to my cannon barrel and razor back 21 ;)


My Perfect World

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some times when i look at the star studded sky, i wonder whether far away from the milky way there is another earth and also a guy like me. A guy who doesnt lie and isnt mean and selfish.

For a better world. Peace


My buddy is moving

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Change is inevitable , nothings permanent other than change. Sometimes change is
pleasant and others make you sad. Some changes are so sudden that they surprise you.
A few changes just bring mixed reactions. Like getting to know of the news that a
friend who you took for obvious will no longer be there. A guy who's irritating sessions
will be missing is a thing to be happy about. But a part of you is hurt knowing
that the buddy who was opposite your room and was always there for you, whether
it was for advice or cash or a lame joke. Bottom line, change is about letting
go and moving on. But memories arent to be forgotten. Ill never forget the walks
back to hostel from forever(a bar :D) , we used to have more than often.
and a so many other moments we shared.

here are my apologies and thanks to you

For all the million times we fought and i acted cocky with you iam sorry

For all the bitching i did about you in first year iam sorry

Thanks a ton for all the cash you gave me which went unreturned ;)

Thanks for 2nd sem maths i still owe you for that

I wish you didnt have to move out from the hostel :(

Miss you Kiran my Bro.



Friday, November 27, 2009

From far away down the line
I could hear some one whine
As the noise grew heavy
I knew it was something to worry

I had snoozed my alarm twice already
I was late and i had to hurry
Brushed my teeth on my way
like usual began yet another day

Already waiting there was the master
Remarked next time No Register
Hence i entered a world like hell
only to wake up by the ringing bell

Soon came the Twilight,Accounting
for what was the highlight
Yet another day was spent like a pawn
Why to worry soon a new day will dawn

Yes i can and yes i will
are only words
i know this aint my best
but,who wants to work when you can rest

It was back in 5th standard that i realized science was my thing to do. May be because one the teachers called me the scientist of the class. It was a thing of pride for me back then, although i didnt know what it meant i liked people calling me that. Then came the Horde of the Opting for Science in PU college. Although i didnt have much of an idea i blindly followed coz most of my friends did. Then 2 years later yet another decision was thrust upon. I was made to believe pointers and include statements where the thing meant for me. I really thought that way for quite some time. Now after 2 and half years down the line looking back and thinking of what lies ahead i can only imagine a void. A nothingness surrounded by laziness and frustrations. The outside world scares me. Even the best have given up among the bulls and bears, iam just another normal guy. Some may say its too early to think about it. But at the slow pace iam heading i have lot of catching up to do with time.

P.S:My recent addiction is xkcd, which inspired me to do the comic/whatever u want to call it :)


My Redemption

Sunday, November 15, 2009

His breath propagated stink,there was filth inside him. Monster waiting to unleash.

Never was he like this. He lived like a prince once. Bestowed upon
himself , whom he called friends.

Then an angel appeared, with not pity in her eyes but care.

A healing touch freed him from his sins.

was he worth it?

This is my first attempt at 55 fiction and iam not exactly sure of the rules.Although it might not make sense, its special to me :) .


My Amino acids

Friday, November 13, 2009

Food is probably the only thing which all of us can relate to nostalgically.whom iam i kidding?almost everyone loves eating.But then a very few take it to the extremes and consider it a religion. And a fraction of them follow the Philosophy of "live to eat" rather than "eat to live".i feel no shame to say "yes, iam one of the rare few".Eating is the only thing i remember excelling in from my childhood days.A bean bag(read:huge tummy) is what i fancy from my hogging habits.Luckily my mom has a passion,that perfectly suits my needs.The greatest cook in the world and the greatest hogger in the world is the best combination aint it?.Tripping on the flavors of her cooking is an regular addiction to me.Over the years i have never seen her enjoy what she has cooked,but rather feel happy seeing me enjoy it.Being a vegetarian she cooks the best non vegetarian food without even tasting it.It was a time when i enjoyed her cooking and she enjoyed cooking for me.And when you just thought it was one more of the bollywood flick of happily ever after.There enters the villain.And the villain in this story is apparently the cook of the hostel i live in.The very definition of food is tampered by him.Give him something edible and the he by his grace will turn it into something un-edible.skipping breakfast,lunch and dinner by a guy who used to eat every hour is a little sad.Tripping on the flavors is merely turned out into a struggle(yes thats what eating for me has become) for survival.

Nevertheless there is still hope,a dream of some day escaping from this world and turning into a cook\travel show host.getting lost in the world enchanted in it pleasures.Sipping on quality wine and hogging on Meat delicacies from around the world.

But life is surely is ironical thinking about all the good stuff has sure made me hungry and the realization that a session of torture awaits me.So iam off until next time adios.

P.S:inspired by Tony Bourdain: No Reservations.


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