My buddy is moving

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Change is inevitable , nothings permanent other than change. Sometimes change is
pleasant and others make you sad. Some changes are so sudden that they surprise you.
A few changes just bring mixed reactions. Like getting to know of the news that a
friend who you took for obvious will no longer be there. A guy who's irritating sessions
will be missing is a thing to be happy about. But a part of you is hurt knowing
that the buddy who was opposite your room and was always there for you, whether
it was for advice or cash or a lame joke. Bottom line, change is about letting
go and moving on. But memories arent to be forgotten. Ill never forget the walks
back to hostel from forever(a bar :D) , we used to have more than often.
and a so many other moments we shared.

here are my apologies and thanks to you

For all the million times we fought and i acted cocky with you iam sorry

For all the bitching i did about you in first year iam sorry

Thanks a ton for all the cash you gave me which went unreturned ;)

Thanks for 2nd sem maths i still owe you for that

I wish you didnt have to move out from the hostel :(

Miss you Kiran my Bro.

5 hmmmm's????:

Vigneshwar said...

Oh is he the EC guy?
I owe u a treat in forever :)

Vigneshwar said...

check my blog :) IT is not an one liner this time .

djd said...

shhhh....dont talk about forever here ;)

The Happy Human Jellyfish said...

Please make sure he reads this.

djd said...

do u think i wont?
i made him read this before posting here :D

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