Friday, November 27, 2009

From far away down the line
I could hear some one whine
As the noise grew heavy
I knew it was something to worry

I had snoozed my alarm twice already
I was late and i had to hurry
Brushed my teeth on my way
like usual began yet another day

Already waiting there was the master
Remarked next time No Register
Hence i entered a world like hell
only to wake up by the ringing bell

Soon came the Twilight,Accounting
for what was the highlight
Yet another day was spent like a pawn
Why to worry soon a new day will dawn

Yes i can and yes i will
are only words
i know this aint my best
but,who wants to work when you can rest

It was back in 5th standard that i realized science was my thing to do. May be because one the teachers called me the scientist of the class. It was a thing of pride for me back then, although i didnt know what it meant i liked people calling me that. Then came the Horde of the Opting for Science in PU college. Although i didnt have much of an idea i blindly followed coz most of my friends did. Then 2 years later yet another decision was thrust upon. I was made to believe pointers and include statements where the thing meant for me. I really thought that way for quite some time. Now after 2 and half years down the line looking back and thinking of what lies ahead i can only imagine a void. A nothingness surrounded by laziness and frustrations. The outside world scares me. Even the best have given up among the bulls and bears, iam just another normal guy. Some may say its too early to think about it. But at the slow pace iam heading i have lot of catching up to do with time.

P.S:My recent addiction is xkcd, which inspired me to do the comic/whatever u want to call it :)

8 hmmmm's????:

Iceman said...

If you are confused..shows you are normal.

Congrats :D

(And yes, don't worry about it much, just be confused :P )

djd said...

iam not confused iam damn sure iam screwing my life and i have no shame in telling iam enjoying every bit of it

Rohith said...


This is my first ever comment on any of my fren's blogs. Btw, the xkcd thing is kinda kewl.

Being a BE shtoodentu myselfu, i wud say, PLZ. DONT TRY THIS AT HOME. Or rather plz dont punish urself with a BE in VTU :D

narendra said...

you know i dont like the poem much! but then who cares!! i like the comic although...but again who cares??

Something..i am gone mad ..

tata byebye..

Anonymous said...

you wrote? nice.

djd said...

yes man i did all is my creation ;)

The Happy Human Jellyfish said...

I like this post. How everything rhymes.

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