My selfishness

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today one of my so called friends in the hostel passed a rather ugly remark.Out of no where he just told me I am selfish :|.Kept me wondering what had i done.He even backed his point by saying every one in the hostel also thinks so.So here goes an another entry to the list of my nuisances,ranking first among being idiotic,stupid talkative(a lot).

So why I am i blogging about this?
may be coz I am pissed or may be i want want some one to say that I R not remotely close to selfish or just may be coz iam jobless.

10 hmmmm's????:

Anonymous said...

ch friends...but in case u ARE selfish( on Which i am not eligible to comment :P)then i must congratulate that friend...he has got the courage to say that to you in case...whichever the case have a got a good friend..!!(he must blog too./.:P that he called you selfish...the post title could then be 'His selfishness' lol..PJ)

I suggest you to write an imaginary narrate a FICTITIOUS incident when you were selfish...mark my will be fun..Oh god my comment is larger than your post..not happening...gimme more to read...i would like to see a STORY about 'your selfishness'(LOL not that i want to to appear selfish..but it will be fun..:P)

all the best...:)

Narendra said...

shit typo!! replace 'ch friends' by 'better to have enemies than such friends'

OK? :P

The Happy Human Jellyfish said...

See, you've to figure out where he's coming from. Ask him why he called you that. If the reason seems valid enough for you, then see what you've to do about it. If they're calling you selfish because you don't lend them money for smoking or something, it doesn't really matter, does it?

The Happy Human Jellyfish said...

PS: You've got to reply to comments.

djd said...

Yea u are right i respected him for is courage and everything is well now all things are forgotten
i dont know why he called me selfish :/ i asked him he says ask others they will say u are selfish in all matters
and about smoking and stuff he doesnt actually does all that

The Happy Human Jellyfish said...

The smoking thing was an example to prove my point.

djd said...

hahahaha lol rofl no we don deal with money (borrow or lend)

narendra(frozenwell :P ) said...

@diu you are right..

it really doesnt matter if you are selfish about money..its your stuff! giving it away is your choice..people brand u selfish out of frustration that they couldnt extract that thing(most of the times money) from you,and you give them that thing fearing bombardment of the brand 'selfish' on you

..Methinks selfish is a relative term..somebody wants things from you,they dont get it-you are selfish..they get it-you are want things from someone,you get it-they call you selfish,you dont get it-you never care!either way you are you get it??so being selfish is a good thing..i mean come on..u have got one life(with due respect to all theories of multiple lives,in which i have a huge faith too :P )to can only be selfish..try to be himselfish or herselfish,can you?

if he says 'ask others' then you ask him 'why others?they never have dared to call me selfish..!' lol

djd said...

narendara i hate u more than your habit of saying lol without any connection at all

narendra(frozenwell :P ) said...

narendara i hate u more than your habit of saying lol without any connection at all
(there must be somebody on earth who can say my name properly...I love my name MAN..come on..its N A R E N D R ya get it LOL)

byt the way i hate u more than your habit of saying lol without any connection at all rhymes nicely..LOL :P are now officially a

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