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Monday, February 23, 2009

This weekly routine has become so common i can remember almost every word of our conversation
One fine sunday afternoon actually every sunday afternoon
text message from (ajay):Hey dude wht you upto?shall we go out some where?

Me and ajay are friends from pre college days and are now are in the same college but diffrent class.we rarely meet in college so the weekend is our only chance to catch up
txt ajay:The mall?
txt me:Mall sucks man hw about the beach?
txt ajay: no man hw bout td

now Td is wht we call our cyber tiger den we are dye hard gamers but not pretty good at it(atlest me).We are addicted to a game called Dota and almost screwed up our chances to make it college due to addiction to the game.

txt me:sure man......4 is ok?

then at 4.00 we meet at TD
Me:have to leave early lets play only one game
ajay:even me...
Usually a game last for an hour

At 4:15
voices from both of us:Net here sucks man playing online is an pain here, me not coming here any more

At 9:30
Ajay:me already late gotta go bye
Me:as iam not? bye cia next time

on our way out

Ajay:dude i hate college me cant go there so boring and un interesting it is
Me:ya man even me i get suffocated there

finally we go back to attending college and wait for the next weekend trying to do something different but still fail.

Sometimes it makes me wonder why do we go back there again and why still continue to bear that lag we get in our game the answer probably lies in our memories,It was a time when after school only thing we thought of after school was to go to Td and only thing we wanted in our life was dota and a weekly visit gets back us the nostalgia's associated with the place gives us happiness like never before.It is some times so funny how much importance small things in life that make greater things seem like nothing

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