Nitk Surathkal-Incident or accident?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The incident fest was up from 25th feb to 1st march me being from not so fun supporting college so sketched a visit to incident.The tickets costed me 200 bucks and on the first day it was dj nikhil chinnapa performing the hopes where high and it was my first dj party or concert i visited .For thr pevert i aim i had wished to have a day where I could see a lot girls :P.Me and my friend had a bus ride to the place I exactly don know hw much distance any ways i suck at numbers.This would go well if they had fucking satrted on time which was supposed to be 7:30 turns out it din start before 9:30 as Mangalore was quite a distance from nitk we had to catch a bus before 10 damn!!!!! but luckily i had made friends with a friends friend of mine who had a car (ya selfish me:P).Finally when the show starts..................... they lure us to plain boredom with some fucking local DJ and it turns out He was better than the main attraction and then finally we decided enough was enough and made our move.We left at around 11:30 two hours of "house" had enough of me.Soon i noticed that the car tires where at thier ripe age of blowing apart.So my sensible friends friend was driving at a very low pace.This was probably the one reason iam able to right this post today else probably i would have been half dead.At almost half way through there is a blasting noise and guess wht it is?.The car come to an abrupt stop and we are on the Highway exactly between the 2 points.Although we complained a bit on fate we where lucky to be alive.It also felt great to walk on that highway, I probably went through tht road a millon times but never had walked over it :D.Finally my friends bro comes to the place pics us up and gives us a drop.Reach home very late but luckily don get blasted and then go to sleep all is good
cheers to all

5 hmmmm's????:

kami said...

thats not how it happened/// LIAR

djd said...

then hw did it happen?If he was not very careful we would just have been plain dead and ya did i miss the dogs?:P

Unknown said...

u r a big loser n u suck to the core

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Easily I to but I think the post should have more info then it has.

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