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Saturday, May 9, 2009

some days are hot some are hotter but yesterday definitely was the hottest.It was evident when the water cooler was crowed with more than 25 people and it was not even break time,me being a regular noticed the difference.As the day went on it became worse and the sun god showed no mercy.In between i managed to swing into a fest in college to only lose in the finals.After the sun set the uneasiness was increasing and i had no sleep till 1 am.And finally nature had forgiven our sins and it rained.Some thing surprising but definitely welcomed.Suddenly the next day i.e today had a very cool weather.For others it was just a relief but for me it meant something more meaningful.It was sign that life all about the balance act and even nature has it work and does it task well in keeping up the balance.
P.S:some thing unrelated,IPL betting sucks.

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