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Saturday, June 13, 2009

It was a bright morning and i had almost no sleep,got up earlier than usual and in no time was groomed up.It was no ordinary day it was the day i was going to my IEL exams.IEL is in short for individual effectiveness labs,in this subject we where taught about gd,presentations and emails writing and we even had marks.This time around i had topped in the internals for my whole batch :) and here was a chance for me to top overall .I know it sounds nerdish but i was a average kid back from primary school ,the worst part of that is ur all ways in the middle if counted from both back and front of the table.Here was a chance where i could actually come first top in the whole batch.As i went through the exams i had only 1 thing humming in my mind parts of valkerie OST here are the wordings

Just hold on I got you.
I'm here too, I feel you
We'll get through
I know this I've seen it
A hundred times a thousand times
Just one more time
With you and I, I'll pull you close
And then we'll say goodbye

i did indeed top the table and i had achived my glory :D,thanks to the song the hard work did pay off
congrats to ajay also for the ten pointer

2 hmmmm's????:

Vigneshwar said...

congrats dude keep blogging

djd said...

thanks for the support :)

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