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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Out of the many tales connecting man and his journey of greatness,one
story lies hidden seeming as non existent.The truth lies in its simple

Man had evolved from the apes and what excited the apes did not
bring any interest in him.Sleeping and eating was not his prime motive,it was
unclear what was missing.Finally in the quest for the missing element, he went in search of god
himself and began asking him the question of his very existence.

Man:"O might lord,you have turned us into our new form of man from the
apes.But we are no longer satisfied with food and sleep,please solve our
problems great one"

God:"I understand your problem what you have is a classic example of
clinical boredom.The solution to it lies in a divine ritual,TIME
PASS(addressed as tp hence forth)"

Saying so GOD gave him a list with a title 150 ways for tp.Most of them
were not familiar words like no.106 was internet,no.78 was television and no.100 was video games.But he caught on with the ones he understood or atleast partially
understood,the initial ones were dance,booze,flirting(partially
understood till date).Later came painting singing so on and so forth.

TP not only made man happy but also more cunning and intelligent he soon
began to be superior to the rest and thus began his dominance.As years
passed by he started to question nature itself and its way of function.Thus in the process of tp man found answers to some of the greatest mystery of nature and life.Gravitation(PS:lazy newton,falling apple),laws of motion,automobile,relativity are amoung many big and
small inventions and discoveries.He also had created masterpieces like the Monalisa(both Leonardo and Monalisa might have had a thought like this "huh.....iam bored what do i for tp?), the great symphonies of Beethoven etc.The dawn of the 20th century man made tremendous development in understanding the list god had presented to him centuries ago,television was a leap but flight came in the form of internet.It changed everything although in some way reversing the intelligent chart in few.But its effect made man almost close to god,if not god(now he could sms and email god assuming did exist and also he would read them).Thus goes
the story never told before,a story so awesome that it could well be called the holy story of man.

5 hmmmm's????:

Unknown said...

what is ur favourite tp

djd said...

hell lota are there man all in all tp is ma fav i can say :P

Anonymous said...

This is written by a total different 'you'.I really like it for the way it is presented.And I would want to read a few more similar stuff!Needless to mention this was hilarious.lIke the way you said 'flirting(never understood so far..)'

nice one..And I guess the TPs now are surpassing the 150 limit..

Take care of minor punctuation's at places and this post will rock even more..

Niki Nachappa said...

A diff djd writing here :)

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