My sweetheart

Saturday, March 28, 2009

without you
O my dear
what would i do
without you...

without you
how would my burning fox
give any light?

without you
how would it be a pain to
find the capital of tambaktoo

without you
how would i untwist
the twisting quizzes?

without you
how would i sail
my pirate ship?

without you
how would i find
mammoth details of anything small?

without you
how would i do
o my google
without you...???

P.s:Burning fox=firefox
I guess officially even iam a poet even though a really bad one that aint gonna matter you see :P

1 hmmmm's????:

Anonymous said...

what is wrong with you man??you say you cannot write a poem??and what is this?? you lied..i love it..i thought it was ur love or something..but it is google..of course without you i am tiny grain!!yeah?? lol...

this is nice...

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