My woes

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Knowing that an area of wonderful time has come to an end really pains a lot.what iam missing presently in life would be the something more stupid and childish for others. But it did mean a lot to me and my group of friends. Tiger Den unspeakably had been a very important thing in our lives. To give a intro to outside world what it is ,in simple words it is a cyber .but for us it meant more than that and played a more vital role in our lives.Over the years it had been our hangout place and knowing it has shutdown and the Pcs sold sure does bring pain.And what lacks now is the peacefull time in those nothing else to do weekends.Filling the vaccum are a few places where we go which are out of desperation to move out of the house.The other day seeing a bunch of other friends hang out at a food joint i realized we also had turned into them,turned ordinary from having a secret hideout to having no hideout at all.Praying to God that td will return and will return big.

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