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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Same time last year i had was pardoned of my bodily edibles thanks to say no to non veg month in my household.It was more of a i wont cook non veg call by my mother god than say no to non veg.So this time around i decided to travel to red pastures my relatives who don believe in the no non veg month.So with hopes high and stomach half empty i set off.First to come was Bangalore eldest of ma uncles,i was hungry for dead birds but as was about to find out they were all ready to cash in for the love they had stored for me from over a year.After Bangalore came Mumbai and along with that followed visits to Mcdonalds,KFC and other local Biriyani places.Not to mention visits to various relatives and ya they are waiting for me for more than 5 years and in of over 10 days there hasnt been a single day where i have gone without my belly being totally packed up.And for the icing on the top it was today,my uncle(the one in bombay)decided to take me to Barbecue nation an all to eat no limit restaurant and rest is all imagination.I was not just full this time but also had some kinda feeling where my head was reeling.Then i did exactly the right thing had 2 scoops of ice cream,now not only was i unable to walk but was nauseous and my fears of 500 Rs being flushed into the toilet of some restroom was becoming true.luckily i did not do any thing like that landed up safely and finally lived to eat another day.And ya my waistline has increased by 5 inches :(

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Anonymous said...

awesome! glad your having fun and hogging :)

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