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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Life is real? or
just another mirage?

Is there child in every one or
are we all children
Is the Earth rotating fast or
did we just beat it?

The time when we where carefree
will it ever return?
The battle of survival
will it ever end?

Will growing up mean to lose
all the things you loved and cared?
will those days be back or
will it just be a memory?

A dedication to Shreyus, Ajay, Yousuf , Prashanth(not a Vagite but my dear friend) ,many more from Vagashram and those good old days

It funny actually how i still remember those days as if it where yesterday. A place called Vag Ashram(Vag=tiger in konkani),named after the lecturer there Vag Sir,a tution the heart of Carstreet, Mangalores prime location.It was a time when all we cared for was coffee at taj(TajMahal fav hangout spot for vagites) and a game of dota at TigerDen(td a cyber in carstreet),and all that we feared was the Tiger himself.For all we knew we had everything to gain and nothing to lose and the feeling that these days would never end.
Fast forward two and half years into the future all that is left is a few pics,a awesome video(thanks Ajay),a CET rank ,a college seat and loads of memory.

Lifes all about Moving on,finding new pastures and conquering new lands, Nitte definetly has been a joyus ride new friends, new hobbies and new challenges. With things in the fast lane all you ask for is a day , a day when we where the rulers of the world.Back then, every Sunday each one us of would be present at Vags without fail.But in the past 2 and half years not even once, a time has come when we all where together(i mean each and every one).All that i want now is a hour together in the middle room of Vags , a coffee(funny i never had coffee there in those days) and Mushroom masala in Taj and a 20Rs prepaid game in TD.

Taj has been shifted from carstreet due to lease issues and Td is closed for good due to some reason

Once upon a time we had it all we where unstoppable and finally we did get stopped

10 hmmmm's????:

kami said...

wish i could go bak in time =(((
... rly fun days... me and djd sittin together in first bench vags during firsy year tuts , gettin screwed day in day out =D

narendra said...

Commenting on the poem firstly---

Is the Earth rotating fast or
did we just beat it?
love this..

certainly i want to know this to growing up means to lose then i dont want to grow !!No i want to remain a kid..i can make a million mistakes and not be questioned!! i can fall a many times and still be inside the cocoon safe..i dont want to be a grown up..although it is really important to be childlike(simplicity,integrity,sanctity) and not childish(naive,stupid,foolish, cetera)

so out and about the poem are getting better as a poet HENCE as a person..when you happy and you know clap ur hands..and i say when u are sad and you know write a poem :P

well the text part of the post is nostalgic to me too..I have lost so many time and to they are nowhere to see..they are so so far..some are waiting for me and some are alive..:(

i so much want to have those long chats after school..waiting for bus...but you know what i strongly believe that we are ALLOWED(by a higher force you know) to stay with certain persons only till the time we can learn anything from them..or they need to learn something from us...after the exchange is done..its done..we are now trees,people,huts and farms that one sees passing lightning fast from a moving train window..

really really inexpressible with words..

djd said...

@ Kami
+1 in need of sands of time
i owe for everything u have made in me.The transition is really helping me a lot.And i hope i get your poetic sense some day(atleast half of it).ending comment in your style LOL

Anonymous said...

i dont like mushroom masala..!!!

Prashanth said...

Amazing! where did u get that poem 4m? :P wish i was void! would have put chrono in wtf mode!

djd said...

crono our own little world huh?
if u wanna know i wrote the poem by of many things i do when my screw goes off :)
welcome to my world :P

The Happy Human Jellyfish said...


Some things will never happen again. That makes them even more beautiful.

djd said...

i would die for a day back in those "good old days"

The Happy Human Jellyfish said...



Your life isnt THAT bad.

djd said...

worth the sacrifice :)

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