My V(at)ote

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It was a clear day, the sun was at his peak and mercury was boiling.Realizing it was the last day to register for the election roll the common man set out to get his photo clicked.Reaching the registration office he realized that he was among many who had waited for the last date.The queue seemed never ending .Amidst all chaos he was happy that a lot of young girls had also shown up.Finally after a hour he was let in a room the common man remembers it as the torture room,a room for hardly 10 but with more than 50 people.after another hour of boiling he is given a card with his name and photo and asked to leave.Ironically the so called Id card was so primitive any one with a Pc and a printer would get it done.At the end of it he still doesnt know why he had been on the adventure on the first place,as he didnt want to vote.He feels all are corrupt and it would make no difference.Vote bhi Vaat, nahi to bhi Vaat

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