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Saturday, September 5, 2009

One day, somebody paid a visit to the hardware shop in the corner of a town and bought the biggest ribbon of parrot green satin. What that somebody planned to do, was to spend entire days wrapping the ribbon over all kinds of stuff around him until he came upon that one thing which looked better with the ribbon wrapped around it than without. Which, in fact, looked better with the ribbon wrapped around it than with any other thing done to it. As if the sole purpose of that thing to exist was so that somebody can wrap a parrot green satin ribbon around it.

Surely, there must be something that’s been made for this sort of thing to happen to it. Getting a parrot green satin ribbon wrapped around itself, I mean. Just like there’re things that exist only to be sold to a bargain shop, or to be kept in a corner of the windowsill at your neighbour’s place, or to be locked in an iron box and thrown into the ocean.

And so, this particular somebody directed all his energy over the next few weeks into finding that blessed thing, which was waiting only to get wrapped around in a green satin ribbon.

During the course of his quest, he stumbled upon a lot of things that would’ve been totally perfect wrapped in a parrot green satin ribbon, only shorter than the one he had with him. Or longer. But then, the whole point was to find a thing made to be wrapped in the ribbon that he possessed, not a shorter or longer one. In any case, he figured that if there’re things that are made to be wrapped in a shorter or a longer parrot green satin ribbon, there also has to be something that must be wrapped with this particular one. Fair enough.

Finally after trying for what lasted a eternity he came across many things that fit perfectly for the ribbon,but didnt appeal his looks and in some cases the other way round.Finally he gave up and decided to wrap the ribbon around a vase.The cloth was longer than needed so he decided to cut a piece from it hence making it a perfect fit.

The story of the ribbon and its destiny is more or less similar to the story of life of every individual out there.The ribbon is our career,love,long term plan etc.And it usually turns out that what we want in life is never what we get and what we get is not we have is never what we want.And finally we decide to live happily with what we got.The cut cloth signifies the sacrifices we make in life to achieve what we need to get.

The actual post is by my good old friend from school Sadhwi, i just modified it a bit.The bold part is mine. thanks Sadwi for accepting my request,although my poor skils was a insult to your post.Here is the original Post.

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Anonymous said...

oh this is a coincidence i have read and commented the original piece long back.And well, Sadhwi might not mind me saying this(if she doesn mind apologies in advance.)..Dayanand expressed many things in this 'bold' part which I guess the original post failed to at some places because of its high artistic complications(just to retain the beauty of the whole thing,mind you),And no, you have not put her into any shame because I think you have retained the shape,and the charm...'the ribbon herself' :)

keep writing...god bless

The Happy Human Jellyfish said...

Wow. I couldn't understand frozenwell's comment. But I liked the post.

Anonymous said...

come on now divya..what i meant is so clear...and pls dont call me frozenwell...LOL...i am narendra.....naaaareenndra!!!hehe...

The Happy Human Jellyfish said...

I'll call you Narendra if you call me diu or divinediu! I'm not divya in bloggerworld. Boo hoo!!

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