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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Recently i have gone from being a gaming addict to a Tv show addict and then again a gaming addict and finally back to tv shows my recent addiction is kind of stupid,bizarre and insane.I have developed a habit of reading personal blogs ya sounds lame right?.i don why but thts all tht i can think of reading blogs.For my ill fate the only time i get for it is during the weekends where i take unliumited touture from my mother for gluing to the incandasecnt.And ya also to mention are quiz blogs "food for thought"n others..will blog about it quite soon.The worst days are the weekdays when i have to rot in class and do shitty assignments which i blindly copy never mind about that.In a typical class just in my half dozing state i imagine my fav bloggers to post a new post today so i can sip on it for the rest of the day or just wonder wht could be the answer of the days question of "food for thought".Yes education has taken a toll on me made me a virtual socialism addict but i just dont care. iam too self obsssesd about my own pleasure to think other wise and ppl who do support me and are crazy addicts like me give your encouragments makes me feel better.

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