Monday, June 30, 2008

Yes iam a wanna be and iam proud of it coz i still dont know wht the future holds but yet feel secure in the dreams of the present................
school was good because it was a small place little people to compete with ya it was good thinking you were the best but then came the college.if that wasant worst then came university college soon to realize be here to fight the world or be a mere loser.Isnt that what the education thought us only first rankers are the best rest just need to keep up.The problem with India is not in the people but in the mentality it self.The roots are rotten the only thought in an indian as a wanna as iam is "I want to be an Engineer or a good Damn doctor" then wht???? work for some MNC who give you good bucks grow fat on that then get married to an Indian chicks get kids an retierment home then after you grow old and useless read the news paper and say "India........its so bad how my beta calls me to stay in the states".Yea iam right every damn idiot is like this none of them need to think of what they can actually do for India rather than thier many how them do you think have taken up pure science so they can do some good things in the field of science answer is none.All where forced to get it into the field coz they got low marks yes pure science is for the dumb and the IITs are for the that they can work for the MNCs and get bucks while these poor guys in pure science can rot with Indian salaries.This is the fact in every case until the mentality is changed there is know hope no light and no end to this tunnel of darkness

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