Wednesday, July 9, 2008

hats off to Ekta kapoor for imagining the best crap the entertainment industry can ever get.i just dont know what spell she casts on the indian house wifes that whatever she shows they consider it as its not just the house wifes its even the mwn who watch it(no sirctly no i dont even bother looking at the title of the soap forget viewing it).the victims are my dad and uncle :(.
real sad atleast before i had support to oppose the bloody soaps.And what exactly inspired me to mention it in here was just a rondom incident.a particular soap which runs in the afternon,last time i saw the soap probably around 10 thousand years ago the ideal bhahu(the wife) and the not so ideal pati(husband) where in thier old ages but just today i see them they are in thier teens i just bother asking my mom (rather teasing her) so which generation is this.Her reply was so funny that made me laugh for an hour."no its no generation fast forward but thier next lifes" roflamo =))........

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